Energy Systems – RGBS

Real Green Building Systems (RGBS) combines water conservation, energy conservation and renewable energy technologies (see list below) to create a proactive, passive (vs. passive solar) home. The RGBS patent-pending, integrated systems approach results in minimal energy required for heating and cooling.


Water Conservation

  • Plumbing Based Fire Protection System
  • Reclamation of Water

Solar Therman Heat

  • Efficient Hot Water Heating & Distribution
  • Radiant Floor Heating

Energy Conservation / Generation

  • Thermal Building Wrap Insulation
  • Photovoltaic Renewable Energy


Subdivision Planning Possibilities
  • Up to 50% reduction in infrastructure cost and Carbon Footprint
  • Water storage requirements reduced by 50%, fire hydrants reduced by 75%
  • Homes have qualified for an ISO 2 rating
  • Building concessions made due to use of energy efficient building technologies such as: closed attic, affordable insulation under concrete slab
  • Materials sourced and stocked locally thru-out the country
  • Designs in place for radiant heating, solar, reclaimed water and plumbing based fire protection systems
  • All systems fall within state approved guidelines for energy and water conservation technologies
  • Assistance with regulatory oversight { ICC,UPC }
Home Owners
  • Comparably priced to traditional homes, 2100 sf ranging from $185,000-$225,000 (2010)
  • 75%-80% less energy required
  • 35%-50% less water required
  • Significantly reduced home owners insurance due to better ISO rating

For more details please refer to Patrick J. Coughlin’s article titled Sustainability: It’s More Than Structures (Link below) or contact us.

Sustainability: It’s More Than Structures

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